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Tooele County Clerk's Office - Resolutions 2003

Tooele County Resolutions - 2003

The resolutions are linked to the resolution number below:

Resolution No. Description
2003-01 A Resolution Appointing Pam Ayala as the Tooele County Personnel Director
2003-02 A Resolution Amending Tooele County Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 11.0. Pay day: Requiring Electronic Depot of Paychecks.
2003-03 A Resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of not more than $2,500,000 aggregate principal amount of sales tax revenue bonds, series 2003, of Tooele County, Utah, fixing the maximum aggregate principal amount of the bonds, the maximum number of years over which the bonds may mature, the maximum interest rate which the bonds may bear, and the maximum discount from par at which the bonds may be sold; providing for a pledge of local sales and use tax revenues for repayment of the bonds; providing for the publication of a notice of public hearing and bonds to be issued; providing for the running of a contest period; and related matters.
2003-04 A Resolution designating certain county roads in Tooele County for aircraft landing and take off; and authorizing a landing and take off permit to be issued to Beehive Telephone.
2003-05 Amending the Tooele County Personnel Policies and Procedures, Establishing a Policy Regarding Dating in the Workplace between Supervisors and Subordinates. TABLED.
2003-06 A Resolution Approving an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Tooele County and Grantsville City for Building Inspection and Plan Review Services.
2003-07 A Resolution announcing the Commission’s intent to not seek to impose a county option funding tax for botanical, cultural, recreational, and zoological organizations or facilities.
2003-08 A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Tooele County, Utah (The “Issuer”) Finalizing the terms and conditions of the issuance and sale by the issuer of its Sales Tax Revenue Bonds Series 2003A in the aggregate principal amount of $700,000 and Sales Tax Revenue Bonds Series 2003B in the aggregate principal amount of $978,000 (collectively, the “series 2003 bonds”); providing for the collection, handling and disposition of certain sales tax revenues of Tooele County, Utah pledged for the payment of said bonds; authorizing the execution by the issuer of a general indenture of trust, a first supplemental indenture of trust, and other documents required in connection therewith; approving a bond purchase agreement; and authorizing the taking of all other actions necessary to the consummation of the transaction contemplated by this resolution; and related matters.
2003-09 A Resolution amending Tooele County Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 16.H.10, Safety Rules and Regulations.
2003-10 A Resolution adopting the Tooele County Employees’ Safety Guidebook.
2003-11 A Resolution by the Board of County Commissioners, of Tooele County, State of Utah for the Purpose of Creating and Maintaining a Local Health Department, Pursuant to Title 26A, Chapter 1.
2003-12 A Resolution Amending Tooele county Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 18.H, J, M, N, O and P; Adding Alcohol and Drug Use Requirements for Public Safety Personnel; Renumbering Subparagraphs L through P as K through o; and Requiring the Annual Report to the FHA to be made upon request.
2003-13 A Resolution Amending Tooele County Personnel Policies and Procedures Section11.H Regarding Eligibility Date Adjustments.
2003-14 A Resolution Authorizing the Deeding of the Fire Station Property at Stansbury Park to the North Tooele County Fire Protection Service District.
2003-15 A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Tooele County, State of Utah, Adopting the 2003 Tax Rates and Property Tax Revenue Budget Amounts.
2003-16 A Resolution Appointing Two Representatives to Serve on the Taxing Entity Committee for all Redevelopment, Economic Development and Education Housing Development Project Areas in Grantsville City.
2003-17 A Resolution Amending Tooele County Personnel Policies and Procedures Section 18.A; making Topographical Corrections.
2003-18 A Resolution Tentatively Adopting the Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2004, and Establishing the Time and Place of a Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of the Final Budget.
2003-19 A Resolution Adjusting the 2003 Tooele County Budget.
2003-20 A Resolution Adopting the Fiscal Year 2004 Budget for Tooele County and Establishing the Salaries of the Tooele County Officers.
RDA2003-01 A Resolution of the Redevelopment Agency of Tooele County, pursuant to U.C.A. Section 17B-4-204, Authorizing Grantsville City Redevelopment Agency to conduct Economic Development Activities in a project area that includes real property within the unincorporated area of Tooele County.
H2003-01 A Resolution of the Tooele County Hospital Special Service District appointing Charles A. Davis, and Brian Ebright as trustee’s of the Hospital Employees’ 401K Plan.
H2003-02 A Resolution Transferring Sponsorship of the Tooele Valley Healthcare System Retirement Plan to Mountain West Medical Center.
H2003-03 A Resolution Dissolving the Tooele County Hospital Special Service District.


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